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Data Erasure Solution

Achieve ‘peace of mind’ when retiring or redeploying your IT electronic equipment - make use of RLG‘s secure data erasure solution.

To help our Customers prevent potential data incursions, RLG can provide a robust solution to securely erase data from all data carrying IT electronic equipment.

Our data erasure engineers use internationally recognized security methods and standards which are used across multiple business segments including International Financial Institutions, Global Automotive Manufacturers, Health Care Facilities and Innovative Software Companies.

This solution applies to Customers looking for a secure data erasure service prior to recycling or redeploying their assets.

RLG will provide the Customer with detailed Data Erasure Summary reports after completion of each service request. These reports can be used for internal and external audits respectively.









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Option 1: Onsite Data Erasure

This service option adheres to internationally recognized data security standards such as HMG Infosec and DoD 5220.22-M.
RLG engineers will arrive at the Customer’s premises and perform data erasure onsite.

After the completion of the data erasure process, RLG will provide the Customer with a detailed Data Erasure Summary. The Customer can reuse the equipment, either through internal redeployment or recycling.

RLG provides a solution to assist you in achieving ‘peace of mind‘ for data security and brand protection.


Option 2: Onsite Data Erasure + Recycling

This service option offers all the benefits of RLG Onsite Data Erasure and includes pick-up and environmentally compliant recycling of your equipment.
Our services ensure compliance with local regulatory laws.


Please note: No data removal process leaves a hard drive or computer as free from residual data as a new product. RLG makes no recommendations regarding the customer’s security needs or representations regarding the effectiveness of one method of data removal over another. It is the customer’s responsibility to protect any confidential or sensitive information contained on its hard drives recovered by RLG. This includes both commercial and consumer products