Reverse Logistics Group Vietnam
10 May 2016

RLG Vietnam provides professional and compliant business solution to retire electronic equipment

With numerous companies searching for an option to responsibly and safely dispose of their electronic equipment in a manner that both respects the local environment and complies with international standards, Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) has now launched its service for businesses and organizations.
RLG, which is extensively experienced in the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment for consumers around Vietnam, is now offering a full pick up service for high-volume business customers within HCMC and Hanoi to assist them with the disposal of their electronic equipment.

The service, calculated per kilogram, allows international and local companies to ensure at-their-door pick up of all manner of discarded electronic equipment, including everything from mobile phones to heavier equipment like photocopying machines. All discarded electronic equipment will then be transported in specially purposed vehicles to a contracted and licensed treatment facility where it will be professionally dismantled to protect Vietnam's precious environment. All partners have to undergo an approval verification process, proving their compliance to stringent local and international health, safety and environmental standard.  In addition to this, their downstream processing chain is periodically reviewed. All recovered material will be routed according to a designated downstream process plan to specialized treatment facilities for further treatment. In addition to pick-up and recycling services, RLG Vietnam also offers complementary data erasure services. Using internationally recognized erasure software with 3 pass data wipe, all sensitive data such as intellectual property or employee’s personal information will be securely removed from data bearing assets onsite.

"Pick up can be requested via email, call, or via our mobile application," said Ms. Jobie Mai Hang, business development manager at RLG. "The new business service allows companies to both meet their own internal environmental compliance guidelines, Companies wishing to have an official certificate of destruction may have this supplied on request.

RLG operates this new business service side by side with its Vietnam Recycles free take-back program for used or defective electronic equipment for consumers. The program has been very successful in calling Vietnamese citizens to participate in their recycling program in order to minimize the overall environmental impacts from improper recycling of electronic equipment.