Reverse Logistics Group Vietnam


Patrick Wiedemann
CEO Reverse Logistics Group

Patrick Wiedemann counts responsible for the entire Group and its global subsidiaries, while being CEO both of Reverse Logistics GmbH and CCR Logistics Systems AG.
The industrial engineering graduate joined RLG as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in June 2010 and became their CEO in January 2012. During his time at RLG, he has formed the Group into its present structure as a global player and innovative solution provider for reverse processes along the whole product lifecycle.



Maihang Jobie
Business Development Manager RLG Vietnam

Mrs. Maihang is an experienced manager for established effective business relationships and communications matters. With MaiHang Trading and Service Company Limited, she run her own business since 2008, providing services in the fields of international shipping, procurement and developing offshore business.


Miriam Lassernig
Manager Corporate Marketing & Communications Reverse Logistics Group,
Program Manager ‘Vietnam Recycles’

Miriam Lassernig is responsible for driving the development and creation of integrated Marketing Communications on a global Group level and manages several programs and campaigns, including the Take-back & Recycling Program ‘Vietnam Recycles’. Miriam Lassernig has a Master degree in Marketing Management and is part of RLG’s Project Management Office.